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The Unique Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

Tired of your crooked smile? Then, change it fast and in the greatest possible comfort and discretion. Ask Dr. Hartej Sood, your dentist in Chicago, IL, for an Invisalign consultation. Invisalign aligners are invisible acrylic appliances that move teeth into healthier positions. Know how your smile will improve before you even start treatment.

The perfect smile

You always wanted one, but feel wearing metal braces would not work for you.

Now you're ready for an Invisalign consultation with your dentist in his Chicago, IL, office. He'll do an oral exam and an Invisalign scan, and you will see step by step how your smile will change with your pairs of clear acrylic aligners.

In all, you will wear 18 to 30 SmartTrack aligners pairs. They are custom-crafted just for you and your teeth by a highly trained Invisalign technician, and each appliance accomplishes a specific task. The treatment takes about a year on average, and you have monthly progress checks at our office.

As long as you wear your appliances consistently (20 to 20 hours a day), your treatment plan will stay on track. Remove them to eat, brush and floss or for a special event such as a job interview.

Advantages of Invisalign

There are so many which have made Invisalign grow and grow in popularity since the late 1990s. Advantages include:

  • Removability
  • Smooth texture for maximum comfort
  • Snug fit
  • Ease of oral hygiene and appliance maintenance
  • Versatility
  • Practically invisible
  • May be equipped with compliance tabs so you know your treatment plan is on track

Versatility is an important aspect of any orthodontic treatment. Invisalign corrects many mild to moderate smile problems such as:

  • Poor bite
  • Gaps
  • Crowding
  • Protruding front teeth
  • Tooth tipping
  • Minor tooth twists and crookedness

You're unique and so is Invisalign

Now is your time to pursue your healthiest, most attractive smile. Dr. Hartej Sood will help you along the path with Invisalign clear aligners. Call your dentist's office team in Chicago, IL, and book your consultation: (773) 327-0011.